Our service contact at Fisher's is Terry Sellman, tsellman@fisherstech.com, 1-208-947-3631

She sent us the following information.

Your eInfo account has been set up and I just tested it as well. 

Username: helpdesk@csi.edu

Password: ADMIN

You can access eInfo by going directly to our website, www.fisherstech.com, there is a link for eInfo at the top middle of the page. Its pretty user friendly, but if you have any issues navigating it, please just let me know.

I also placed a note on your account, can you confirm if this also needs to be placed on the COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN IDAHO HEAD START / EARLY HEAD START account as well? The note states the below and will pop up if an end user were to call us directly –

  "All calls must come from helpdesk -Tony Palmer, Eric Ness or Deydree Schroeder only. If anybody else tries to to place a service request, please have them reach out their helpdesk." 

When you go into the site - each time - you must "Click Here to Switch Locations" and choose the one ending in "All locations (Master)" before submitting the ticket.